Love Is Not Enough


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Here is my new blog, folks.

Alright. Give me ideas for my 4000th.

I think I’m going to do that 4000th post and then start up a new blog. I’ll keep this one as an archive, but the new one will be a totally new blog.

My 4000th post will likely be my last one.

One way or another. There’s a lot I’m considering, so I want to make sure that it’s something special for you guys. Give me ideas and such.

soo I sent you a valentine's day e-card but it says you still didn't view it.. type in tumblrlinks[dót]cóm/?daviebigbear69 then sign up as ''daviebigbear69'' and view premium inbox


Fuck off

I hope you feel better.


I will, eventually.

It will just take a couple certain actions on my part.

I have so much I want to say

yet I can’t piece the words together. I’m sorry for everything. It’ll be over soon, if I have my way.

I’m shaking

It hurts. Her. This distance is taunting me. I’m broken, and held together by slivers of hope. The weakest links, one might say. Forever breaking and mending, never ending.

Feb 5

What abortion protesters don't realize

As a person, i think our president is a pretty cool dude.